Missio Dei Campus Ministry

The name Missio Dei is Latin for “mission of God” and it reminds us that God has a mission to restore all things to Himself, and he does that through Jesus. God is a sending God and sent Jesus into the world to die for sin and usher in His new kingdom on earth. And in the same way the Father sent the Son into the world, so now Jesus sends us – His followers – into the world to work with Him in His mission to redeem and restore all things to Himself.
Missio Dei exists to multiply disciples of Jesus, on the campus, for the campus and the world. We take very seriously the commission of Jesus to make disciples of all peoples – disciples who worship Jesus, are being changed by Jesus, who obey Jesus, and teach others to do the same. What if God has sent you to the University of Missouri for more than a college degree? What if He is sending you to live in a specific dorm or apartment, with a specific major, with specific giftings and passions all so that you can represent Jesus to the other students you’ll naturally get to know and spend time with?
Our hope is that in Missio Dei, you’ll find a place to belong and a place to become more and more the follower of Jesus He desires you to be. So wherever you are in your journey with the Lord, come join us…as we gather on campus for worship and teaching and prayer, as we serve the campus and community, and as we take the good news of Jesus to pockets of students all over campus.

Our Values


Prayer communicates our dependence on God for all we need. In prayer, we recognize God is the Source, and apart from Him, we have nothing. We are praying for God to reveal Himself through his Spirit to specific students (and students in general), pointing them to Jesus. We are praying for students of peace who are receptive to the gospel.


More than ten times the book of Acts notes the daily aspect of the early Christians.  We will never impact the culture with the life-changing message of Jesus with one-day-a week Christianity.  We realize we are not on our own; we are designed and called to live in community with one another as disciples of Jesus.  Missio Dei is a family – a family of missionary servants.


We are seeking opportunities to serve the campus and the greater community.  We take our lead from Jesus who emptied Himself and came to serve and lay down His life.


We believe God desires to use us to get His kingdom work done on the Mizzou campus and in the community. And we have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to live as missionaries, proclaiming the good news of Jesus in word and deed in everyday life.

Our Partnerships

We have a partnership with the Missouri Baptist Convention. They were instrumental in the vision of this ministry, provided the early staff and some of the funding of our fellowships and activities. Our sponsor church is Stonebridge Community Church in Jefferson City, MO. They provide spiritual and financial oversight to our ministry. Our vision for this ministry sprung from our involvement with their church. They had a strong desire to plant a new work focused on the Mizzou campus. They have supported Missio Dei with funds for activities, outreach and mission trips. They pray for us and continue to fellowship with us.